Thank you for reaching out for feedback. I would like to highlight two employees whom, I felt, went above and beyond to enhance my stay.
Kelly and Alicia


While I recognize Barbados has fallen into hard economic times with the loss of tourism, I truly hope a salary adjustment and/or bonus is considered to reflect the added burden and responsibilities the hospitality staff must endure associated with trying to navigate Covid19 protocols and the demands guests are putting on your staff.


Kelly and Alicia were not just professional, but also sincerely and genuinely caring for the wellbeing and comfort of the guests often going above and beyond to ensure guests were content while balancing what they could manage within their limitations. I applaud their patience as I witnessed guests impatiently badgering them for updates on Covid PCR lab results, and offloading referring frustrations seeking resolutions for any result delays. While Kelly and Alicia are legitimately at the mercy of the ministry of health, they maintained poise and kindness. Something I know takes an emotional toll on anyone.


I came alone and my stay during a quarantine period was comfortable. My airport-entry Covid test results were delayed (I have not yet any results, so never processed really) so as each day passed with no communications my anxiety steadily grew. Kelly and Alicia took the time to check in with me when passing by my unit, empathetically asked and hoped for my results and gave me reassurances which demonstrated a level of caring that would not exist here where I live.


Hats off to them, I feel very fortunate to have met them and hope to visit again.